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1.54 Inch E-ink Screen Display e-Paper Module Support Partial Refresh Raspberry Pi


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Product Description


No backlight required, power off can keep the last screen display for a long time
Very low power consumption, basically only consumes power when refreshing
SPI control interface, can access Raspberry / Arduino / Nucleo and other main control boards
Provide a complete supporting information manual (sample programs such as Raspberry/Arduino/STM32)

Working voltage: 3.3V
Communication interface: 3-wire SPI, 4-wire SPI
Dimensions: 48mm x 33mm x 1.05mm
Display size: 27.6mm x 27.6mm
Dot distance: 0.138 x 0.138
Resolution: 200 x 200
Display color: black, white
Gray level: 2
Refresh power consumption: 26.4mW (typ.)
Standby power consumption: <0.017mW
Viewing angle: >170°

Interface Description:
VCC: 3.3V
DIN: SPI communication MOSI pin
CLK: SPI communication SCK pin
CS: SPI Chip Select Pin (Active Low)
DC: Data/command control pin (high level means data, low level means command)
RST: External reset pin (low level reset)
BUSY: Busy status output pin (low level means busy)

1. Refresh time: This refers to the global refresh time, that is, the time taken to refresh each frame of image; if the ink screen itself supports partial refresh, the partial refresh time is about 0.3 seconds.
Package includes:

1 x 1.54 inch e-Paper Module

1 x Cable


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